Will the death of George Floyd change something?

President Donald Trump tweeted: When the looting starts, the shooting starts. What do you think about Trump’s statement regarding the protests in Minneapolis over the death of an unarmed George Floyd? Unfortunately, I do not think that Floyd’s case is the last one, but do you think that it has the potential to change something in terms of police approaches? Read few comments.
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Tara Reade’s case: Does Joe Biden have a problem?

As a former neighbor of Joe Biden’s accuser Tara Reade has come forward to corroborate her sexual-assault account, do you think it might become an issue for the Biden’s campaign? Or better to ask should this be an issue for  the Biden’s campaign? Read few comments.

Vice President Joe Bide. Credit: https://joebiden.com/

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RIP Honor Blackman, a bond girl and a feminist

From your perspective what was the main impact of Honor Blackman on the pop culture and on society? Read few comments.

Honor Blackman (1925 – 2020). Credit: https://www.007.com/

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India: How will a coronavirus lockdown of 1,3 billion people work?

As India’s PM Narendra Modi announced a strict nationwide 21 days lockdown due to Covid-19 outbreak, from your perspective how would you say the society will react on this and how much is India ready/unready to fight the coronavirus epidemic? Read few comments.

India’s PM Narendra Modi. Credit: https://www.narendramodi.in/

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Why is antisemitsm on the rise?

The world marks 75 years since Auschwitz liberation but it seems that in many countries antisemitism is on the rise. In your opinion, why is this happening? Did the humanity learn nothing from holocaust, from what happened in Auschwitz? Or the lesson is simply fading away? Or antisemitism has evolved in seven decades? Or is it a combination? Read few comments.

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Divided States of America?

As somebody is sending explosive devices to politicians and public figures, what effect it might have on American politics? Another step towards political civil war, if I can use this phrase, or an opportunity to calm down the situation? Read few comments.

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What could Brett Kavanaugh at SCOTUS mean for America?

If confirmed  Brett Kavanaugh will create a conservative majority at SCOTUS. What do you expect from Justice Kavanaugh after what we have seen in the last few weeks, what effect he might have on SCOTUS in terms of decisions related to big issue as e. g. Roe v. Wade, gay marriages, and what effect he might have on credibility of the Supreme Court? Read few comments.

Brett Kavanaugh, Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Credit: https://www.senate.gov/

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Separation of migrant children: Bad on every level

Some people say it is un-American, even FLOTUS said that she hates to see children separated from their families. What do you think about and how do read a controversial policy of Trump administration that splits up families who enter the USA non-legally? Read few comments.
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Driving licenses for women in Saudi Arabia: What does it mean?

As first Saudi women get driving licenses how important do you find this regarding current developments in Saudi Arabia, is it just an easy reform that makes country look good, or do you think it is something what really changes the society? Read few comments.
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Ireland abortion referendum: How much has country changed?

According to polls it seems that people in the referendum will say yes to changing the strict Irish abortion law. How do you see this and and what are the main factors that people, at least according to polls, tend to support the change? Read few comments.
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