The rapid grown of anti-Muslim prejudice is alarming, as is the resurgence of anti-Semitism

There is no doubt that the attack on Charlie Hebdo will trigger and triggers more debate about the immigration and Islam, but we have also seen attacks om Jewish targets in Europe in the recent past. How big do you think is the danger of on one hand a growing islamophobia and on the other hang a growing antisemitism in Europe? So basically how big is the danger Europe will become increasingly intolerant, and if this danger exists how to counter it? Read few comments.

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Merry Christmas for Christians of Middle East? Hardly everywhere

Pope and patriarch have recently condemned Middle East persecution of Christians. If you look at processes that we are witnessing in the Middle East region how important is the question of preserving Christian communities in the region, do you agree that they are under some increased pressure or not, and why? Read few comments.

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Sydney siege: Few thoughts where this could possibly lead

I know it a unfolding event so it is very hard to comment on anything, but would you say that the current situation may have some impact on Australia’s Islamist scene?

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Even if torture was efficient, it would be prohibited

With the releasing of CIA torture report the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism  says that the US attorney general is under a legal duty to bring criminal charges against those responsible. How do you perceive this report in the framework of international law, what kind of consequences it might, should have? Read few comments.

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CIA torture report: To release or not to release?

A long awaited report on CIA interrogations will be released today. With the discussion about publishing the CIA torture report what would be your argument for releasing it or not releasing it, what kind of impact do you expect the report could have? Read few comments.

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What’s next for Ferguson after a grand jury ruling

Read few comments.

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Obama on his immigration’s plan: It is a common sense middle- ground approach

What you think about Obama ‘s approach and what impact it may have on US society and politics in your opinion? Read few comments.

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