Virginia shooting: Life and death on social media

On August 26, news reporter Alison Parker and photojournalist Adam Ward of WDBJ were killed on live air by Vester Lee Flanagan.

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Approach to immigration: Europe vs Australia (and the US)

It is probably impossible to compare the roots of the problem, but it seems that in Australia and also in Europe we have quite heated debate on immigration. Would you say there is anything Europe can learn from Australia in terms of how to deal with migrants, I mean if there is some positive Australian example Europe could follow, but also if there is something negative what Europe should probably avoid? Read few comments.

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Cecil the Lion: Wildlife conservation requires a debate

The killing  of Cecil the Lion is making a waves in international media. In general, what do you think about this case? Is it surprising that it made so many people angry and would say it could contribute to efforts to preserve the wildlife? Read few comments.

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Germany registers sharp increase in attacks related to asylum-seekers. Will the situation escalate even further?

We have seen a spike in attacks on refugees in Germany, even the explosion destroys Left politician’s car, which might be connected with far-right scene. Do you think that the continuing wave of migration could somehow fuel the violence from the far right? And if you think there will be an escalation what to do to prevent it, at least partially? Read few comments.

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Donald Trump as next US President? Hardly, basically impossible

How would you evaluate Donald Trump’s chances of becoming GOP’s presidential nominee, eventually the American President? Do you see any presidential path for him, or he will probably stay a very visible and loud candidate, but at the end, still just sort of a fringe candidate? Read few comments.

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How much does the Supreme Court decision mirror US public opinion regarding same-sex marriage?

Maybe with the different judges of the Supreme Court also the verdict would be different, and it is the verdict of the court, so based on the legal arguments, but still, how much the decision of the Supreme Court reflects also the changes of attitudes of the US public towards homosexuals? Read few comments.

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Immigration: Deterrence or blocking strategies are generally useless despite populists’ illusions

An interview with Lorenzo NannettiInternational Affairs Analyst.

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