Obama’s last SOTU: What was said and why

What dp o you think about the last SOTU speech of President Barack Obama in the context of his Presidency and why do you think that Obama has said what he said? Read few comments.

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JFK and his legacy

On this day in 1963 American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated.

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Do current scandals have some potential to haunt Obama and Dems in the future?

Like many previous presidencies embroiled in these types of scandals, Obama’s White House has been slow to respond.

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Obama’s re-election bid. How easy or difficult is it going to be?

It will be definitely tough for the GOP.

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Robert Gibbs resigns. Who should be the new Obama’s press secretary?

“The best service I can provide this president is, for the next couple of years, outside this building,” said Gibbs.

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Is the resignation of Emanuel a “re-boot” of the Obama presidency?

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel aka Rahmbo will step down to run for mayor of Chicago, various sources confirmed. He will be replaced by Deputy Chief of Staff Pete Rouse but according to CNN he will perhaps  serve only on a temporary basis.

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It would be not wise for Obama to say I’m going to convert to Islam

Of course it is just a speculation. But the fact is America is not ready for a Muslim President.

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