Merkel in Moscow: What does the legacy of WWII mean for Germany?

Read few comments.

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Merkel meets Cameron: What connects and divides them?

PM David Cameron just recently said that if he wins the elections he would like to to organize the EU referendum earlier and he did not rule out the coalition with UKIP. In this situation Cameron is going to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel. In your opinion, what the UK and Germany expect from each other regarding the EU politics, what would you say they have in common and what divide them? Read few comments.

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Germany: In spite of their skepticism SPD’s members said yes to grand coalition

In the end the burden of proof will fall on SPD leaded and Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel who now has the opportunity to turn this coalition into a success. Read few comments by Christian SchweigerLecturer in Government, Department of Politics, Durham University.

Why would the US spy on Merkel?

One expert: Spying on Frau Merkel — shocking? No. Hurtful? Perhaps. Wise? Almost certainly not. Read also more comments.

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German election day: Not so good for Merkel?

Few comments by Ed Turner, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, Aston University, as he follows German election in Germany.

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TV Duel Merkel vs Steinbrück: Overall impression

Read few comment and also some polls  and here after the debate.

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German election: CDU/CSU 41 %, SPD 22 %

The election will take place in one month. According to polls CDU/CSU is in a good position. I seems that Merkel will win (not saying she we rule). Read few comments.

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