Erdogan-Merkel relationship amid the Jan Böhmermann affair

How do you read current President Erdogan-Chancellor Merkel relationship amid the case of Jan Böhmermann, what both sides hope to gain from this relationship? Read few comments.

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Germany: What’s at stake for Merkel in three state elections

Germans go to the polls in three states Baden-Wuerttemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony-Anhalt in a real-life test for Chancellor Angela Merkel policies, especially regarding refugee crisis.

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Merkel’s no-fly zone in Syria. What does it mean?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for establishing a no-fly zone in Syria which is very much connected with the problem of refugee crisis. How do you see the role of Europe in Syrian conflict, what could, should EU do? Read few comments.

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What’s next for German politics after Cologne attacks

What is going on in Germany after Cologne attacks. Now we know a bit more about what happened, there is a debate if attacks were coordinated, we have seen protests, etc. In your opinion what does this debate mean for German society and politics (but probably also for Europe)? Read few comments.

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End of Merkel’s era? Not so fast

48 percent of Germans said they did not want Chancellor Angela Merkel to continue in office after the next election. It seems it is a clear reaction on Merkel’s position regarding refugee crisis. Do you think there is anything Merkel can do about his popularity or she probably does not want to candidate in the next election anyway? Read few comments.

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Merkel and refugee crisis: What does it mean for German politics?

Angela Merkel’s strategy re refugee crises is criticized as by many, even inside her party. And Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel’s statement is also quite interesting as he says refugee spending like stimulus package. Read few comments on German politics by Christian Schweiger, Senior Lecturer in Government, Department of Politics, Durham University.

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EU: Is the Franco-German engine running again?

French President François Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will make a historic joint appearance in the European Parliament. Would you say that we are witnessing kind of revival of French-German EU engine, or maybe not so much and why? Read few comments.

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