2017: The year of isolationism?

After Brexit and Trump in 2016 many observers say the world and nations may become more inward looking and isolationist in 2017. What is your view, do you agree and why or do you see this differently? Read few comments.

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Brexit? Two years is not a long time for any international treaty negotiation

Access to single market and freedom of movement are often mentioned as points of possible collision but the process will be also extremely complex so looking at possible options UK and the EU have regarding Brexit how much do you think it is realistic or unrealistic to conclude negotiations in two years (unless the European Council grants an extension)? Read few comments.

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Even with the negative result of the referendum in Italy the world will not blow apart. (Probably)

Read few comments.

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Brexit: Article 50 will be (maybe, perhaps, who knows) invoked in early 2017

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said that he expected Article 50 would be invoked in early 2017 and that Brexit talks don’t need to take two years.  But it was immediately rebuffed by No. 10. How do you read those statements, do you think that UK government still does not have at least some basic concept how to proceed with Brexit? Read few comments.

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Only Brexit?: The political legacy of PM David Cameron

What will be the political legacy of PM David Cameron? Read few comment.

PM David Cameron says EU in-out referendum will be held on Thursday 23rd June. Credit: gov.uk

PM David Cameron. Credit: gov.uk 

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Theresa May to become next British PM: What does it mean?

As Andrea Leadsom quits Conservative leadership race Theresa May will become the next British Prime Minister. What do you expect from her especially regarding Brexit, where is she strong politically and what about her weaknesses? Read few comments.

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An unenviable task. What to expect from Slovakia’s EU Presidency

In general, what would you expect from Slovakia EU Presidency from July 1st? What role should Presidency play in the situation we are right now in the EU? Read few comments.

Logo of Slovak Council of the EU Presidency. Credit: www.mzv.sk

Logo of Slovak Council of the EU Presidency. Credit: http://www.mzv.sk

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