What will Labour do about Brexit?

Labour London mayor Sadiq Khan just called for second Brexit vote. What do you expect from upcoming Labour conference in terms of Brexit and in terms of general direction of the party? Read few comments.

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Towards no-deal Brexit?

It’s end of August 2018 and we are seemingly pretty far from Brexit deal and no-deal Brexit advice is published by UK government (which is, we can probably say, on the other hand a normal reaction on the situation). Would you say that something went wrong on both sides, and what, or is it pretty normal that negotiations are somehow stuck just before the finish and there is still a good chance for striking a deal? Read few comments.

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What do Boris Johnson and David Davis’ resignations mean for PM May and Brexit?

What do the resignations of Ministers Boris Johnson and David Davis mean for PM Theresa May domestically and what does it mean for Brexit negotiations with the EU? Read few comments.

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Brexit: Running out of time?

How much do you think we are running out of time regarding striking a meaningful Brexit deal? Read few comments.

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Corbyn’s speech and the future on Brexit

According to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn his party wanna stay in the custom union. It seems that Brexit is politically even more complicated for the UK. What kind of effect this Labour stance may have on the government thinking as probably also some Tory Remainers would prefers custom union scenario? Read few comments.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Credit: http://www.labour.org.uk

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Will both sides put aside the wider politics of Brexit to protect EU-UK security bonds?

In her speech at Munich Security Conference PM Theresa May has warned of damaging consequences if the UK were to leave the EU without continuing existing security arrangements. What do you see as the biggest obstacles to achieve the security arrangements between the both sides, do you think May’s speech has eliminated some of those obstacles, and if this is not successfully established what kind of damaging consequences do you expect? Read few comments.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech at the 2018 Munich Security Conference. Credit: https://www.gov.uk/

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What does PM May’s defeat in the Commons mean for Brexit?

What does the UK government defeat in the Parliament mean domestically for Brexit what effect it may have on the negotiation with the EU? Read few comments.

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