Trump meets Trudeau. Caviar meets marijuana? :-)

US President Donald Trump will meet Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau. It seems that these two politicians represent almost opposite sides of current global politics. How do see this, is also something what connects them, and what kind of result political result do you expect from Trump-Trudeau relationship? Read few comments.

Canada's PM Justin Trudeau. Credit:

Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau. Credit:

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Canada’s PM Harper is very active regarding Ukrainian crisis and wanna go tough on Putin

Why? Read few comments.

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Canada’s integrity in danger? Parti Québécois wins Quebec election 2012

But PQ did not get enough votes to win a majority government.

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Will the early elections change anything in Canada?

Canadians will go to polls on May 2nd. The opposition trails in the polls right now.

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Who will own the Nort Pole?

Perhaps nobody but at stake is the soil and subsoil of almost all of the Arctic Ocean. Russian explorers planted their national flag on the seabed bellow the North Pole. Under international law, the five states with territory inside the Arctic Circle — Canada, Norway, Russia, the United States and Denmark via its control of Greenland — have a 320-kilometer economic zone around the Arctic coastline.

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