A big problem for a small country?: ISIS and Trinidad and Tobago

There are the estimations that perhaps even 130 citizens of Trinidad and Tobago have joined ISIS. This is probably not a small number for not a very big country. Is this also a broader security problem for the region, Caribbean, the US or is it primarily a problem for Trinidad and Tobago? Read few comments.

Trinidad and Tobago

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Cuba without the Castro brothers?

Raul Castro said he will retire in 2018. O is still five more years for Raul and Fidel is still abound, but would you say that the Cuban regime can work without the Castros or some big changes are coming?

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Catch him if you can. The whereabouts of Christopher “Dudus” Coke is unknown

Jamaican drug lord Christopher “Dudus” Coke was charged last year in U.S.  federal court with conspiracy to distribute marijuana and cocaine and with conspiracy to illegally traffic in firearms. At least 44 people have died till now during fighting between the security forces and Coke’s gunmen.

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Cuba: More user friendly socialism?

The Cubans can buy now the computers or cell phones. But can they afford them?

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