Will Convention Draft New EU Treaty?

According to Der Spiegel report Angela Merkel wants convention to draw up new EU treaty. German Chancellor denied the report, but she still emphasized the need for EU member states to think about how to move forward.

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EUCO: What is Merkel’s position?

If you read headlines related to summit it seems the Eurozone is divided.  Would you say that Chancellor Angela Merkel is somehow isolated in the EU especially when we look at the debate related to common debt sharing?

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Will SPD’s Hannelore Kraft challenge Angela Merkel?

Maybe not, but Kraft’s position is pretty strong after she led SPD to victory in North Rhine-Westphalia election.

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Another test for Merkel: State election in North Rhine-Westphalia

NRW is the most populous state in Germany.

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Will German President Christian Wulff survive?

According to new poll 54 percent of Germans think President Wulff should step down.

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Would Tories leave the EU without the coalition with Liberal Democrats?

Prime Minister Cameron still insists that the EU membership is vital to Britain.

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Merkel’s foreign policy faces Kohl criticism

An interview with Helmut Kohl here (in German).

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