Labour is catching up with Tories? And is it significant?

Labour cuts gap with Conservatives to single figures in YouGov poll. Do you find this significant, what are the main reasons that, it seems, Labour is somehow catching up with Tories? Read few comment.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Credit:

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With early election PM May wants a strong mandate for Brexit. Will it work?

PM Theresa May calls early election on June 8. Why now, what does it mean? She seeks a strong mandate for Brexit negotiation but do you think she is going to get one? Read few comments.

PM Theresa May. Credit:

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Only Brexit?: The political legacy of PM David Cameron

What will be the political legacy of PM David Cameron? Read few comment.

PM David Cameron says EU in-out referendum will be held on Thursday 23rd June. Credit:

PM David Cameron. Credit: 

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Theresa May to become next British PM: What does it mean?

As Andrea Leadsom quits Conservative leadership race Theresa May will become the next British Prime Minister. What do you expect from her especially regarding Brexit, where is she strong politically and what about her weaknesses? Read few comments.

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Brexit: Will PM Cameron be able to manage own party?

We are still far from any campaign related to in-out EU referendum, but still, how would you say PM David Cameron will be able to manage the hard-eurosceptic wing of his party, how big is the danger of a real rift inside the Conservative Party over the referendum? Read few comments.

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UK general election: Right now it is all about avoiding mistakes

Read few comments.

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What’s Boris Johnson’s plan?

How much would you say is Boris Johnson’s eurosceptic approach an effort to position as the next Tory leader and how it may influence British politics? Read few comments.

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