Can social media increase some crime trends?

You may have heard about the recent case how Thai man kills baby on Facebook Live, see e. g.  and also about other similar case. Without going into some big theories, do you think such case might have some impact on the thinking of the others who may plan something similar or this is probably an insignificant factor, and why? Read few comments. Continue reading


The sharp rise in crimes against refugees in Germany and what’s next

Even in 2015 we have been talking about a spike in attacks on refugees in Germany. And now in 2016 there were 3 533 attacks on refugees and refugee accommodations across Germany. How serious is the situation in your opinion, what can/should government do about and do you think that upcoming election might have an effect on even bigger mobilization of the far right scene in Germany? Read few comments.

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Jo Cox murder: A recent tone of political debate has been hysterical and angry

The murder of Labour MP Jo Cox is a huge tragedy. We still very little about motives of murder suspect Thomas Mair. Do you think her death may have any impact on British politics and society, and what kind of impact? Read few comments. (I have asked this question before Mair said when asked his name at court: My name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain.)

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Cologne attacks and how to react on this

It seems that New Year’s sex assaults in Cologne have added more fuel into already heated refugee debate in Germany. How would you say politicians and society should react on this? Read few comments.

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James Bond’s Spectre does not exist. But FIFA probably comes close :-)

Why? Read few comments.

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Migrant crisis: What to do about gangs of smugglers?

How to address the problem with gangs of human smugglers. How important is to solve (and how to solve) this issue in the framework of what should the EU do regarding migrant crisis? Read few comments.

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Virginia shooting: Life and death on social media

On August 26, news reporter Alison Parker and photojournalist Adam Ward of WDBJ were killed on live air by Vester Lee Flanagan.

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