Merkel meets V4 in Bratislava: What does it mean?

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Germany’s Chacellor Angela Merkel meets V4 in Bratislava. Credit: Andrej Matisak

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What does Czechoslovakia mean for the West?

Do you think there is some message of Czechoslovakia that was established in 1918 that still resonates in the West, means beyond Czech and Slovak Republic? Read few comments. (Of course, we just witnessed some high profile Western visits in the region, and every Embassy is celebrating 100 years of Czechoslovakia and 25 years of diplomatic relations with Czechia and Slovakia).

Credit: Andrej Matišák

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Czech presidential elections: Looking for anti-Zeman?

There is a discussion if any Czech presidential candidate is something more than just anti-Zeman. Do you think that anybody who wants to beat Milos Zeman must be something more that just anti-Zeman? Does this debate make even sense when Zeman is such a polarized figure and incumbent so it is basically impossible not to present itself at least a bit as anti-Zeman to beat him? Read few comments.
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Czech election: Babis’s ANO looks to be assured of placing first

Czech parliament election takes place in one month and it seem that ANO position is pretty safe. But is it really? And ANO might still need a coalition partner(s), is this a main challenge for Andrej Babis? Read few comments.
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Looking for a “Czech Kiska”?

It is just one poll, but according to this one Jiří Drahoš would defeat incumbent Miloš Zeman in presidential election second round. So would you say Zeman might be in some troubles in terms of being reelected,  do you think he may change a bit his behavior, statements? Read few comments.

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