Bernie Sanders is running again. What is different now?

His run is not unexpected, but in your opinion, is there anything unique what is Bernie Sanders bringing into already pretty crowded field of Democratic presidential candidates? Read few comments.

Bernie Sanders. Credit:

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116th United States Congress: Trump vs Democrats?

The time for accountability has arrived, Democrats say as they will control the House. Do you think Dems will simply try to make the life of President Donald Trump as miserable as they can and do their voters expect this, or on some issues they might try also a conciliatory approach?  Read few comments.

United States Capitol. Credit: Andrej Matisak

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What to expect from Democrats in presidential elections 2020?

What does the result of midterms mean for Democrats, what does it mean for their chances to win the White House in 2020? Read few comments.

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Midterm elections: What does the result mean for Trump in 2020?

What does the result of midterms mean for Donald Trump’s presidency, and, (perhaps it is too soon to talk about this) what does it mean for Trump’s chances of being reelected? Read few comments.

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Midterm elections: What if…

Read few comments.

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Blue wave?: What can Democrats hope for?

Everybody was watching race for the seat in Ohio’s 12th District and Dems lead generic congressional vote. So how would you assess their chances to win the House, maybe the Senate, do we have any indications if President Donald Trump hurts GOP or helps them, or is it perhaps both? Red few comments.
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Shutdown blues in divided America

How did we get to the shutdown, is it just another sign of deeply divided political scene in the US? Read few comments.

The United S.tates Capitol – the seat of the United States Congress. Credit:

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