How (un)ready is President Trump for his foreign trip?

1. President Donald Trump is on his first foreign trip. He visits Saudi Arabia, Israel, Vatican, will attend NATO, G7 summit. After few, let’s say, a bit turbulent months in the White House how (un)ready is he for this? And do you think there is something specific, maybe something unusual US partners should be ready for when dealing with Trump? Read few comments.

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What is the state of US-Russia relations?

It seems that the US-Russia relations under President Donald Trump are even more interesting, complicated, unclear (whether word we use) than expected. I know it is probably hard to say, but right now what does make sense to you in the US-Russia relations? Read few comments.

US Secretary of State is just visiting Moscow. Credit:

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What does Donald Trump expect from Xi Jinping and vice versa?

US President Donald Trump meets China’s counterpart Xi Jinping.

China’s President Xi Jinping. Credit:

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Trump meets Trudeau. Caviar meets marijuana? :-)

US President Donald Trump will meet Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau. It seems that these two politicians represent almost opposite sides of current global politics. How do see this, is also something what connects them, and what kind of result political result do you expect from Trump-Trudeau relationship? Read few comments.

Canada's PM Justin Trudeau. Credit:

Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau. Credit:

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President Trump meets PM May. And where is the EU?

British Prime Minister Theresa May will be the first world leader to meet with US President Donald Trump.

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What does Trump’s call with Taiwan mean?

What do you make out of President-elect Donald Trump-President Tsai Ing-wen phone call, how do you assess the importance of this phone call? Read few comments.

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Guterres? Lajcak? Who is now a favorite for the next UN Secretary General?

Portugal’s ex-PM Antonio Guterres still staying strong, Slovakia’s FM Lajcak rises and female candidates are doing so-so in the last round of votes for the next UNSG e.g. here  So how do you see the state of the race  for the next UNSG after three straw polls? Any real favorites and why? Read few comments.

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