G7: Will Trump try to buy the Eiffel Tower?

Do you think that concerns that President Donald Trump might blow up the G7 summit in Biarritz, France are justified, or you would not expect a big drama? Read few comments.

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What would China do about US missiles in the Indo-Pacific region?

Do you think that Beijing might be at some point interested in discussing short medium-range and intermediate-range missiles treaty and what might be China’s reaction if the US will try to deploy such missiles the Indo-Pacific region? Read few comments.
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Trump-Kim summit: What (probably) went wrong and what’s (perhaps) next

it seems that Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi failed to produce any kind of progress, no to mention a deal. What do you think about the summit and how you see the future of US-NK relations? Read few comments.
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Second Trump-Kim summit: Any kind of progress?

Assessing the period from Trump-Kim summit in Singapore until now do you expect some progress and on what topics during the upcoming summit in Vietnam, or you don’t expect much of a progress, and why? Read few comments.

President Donald J. Trump meets with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un. Credit: https://www.instagram.com/whitehouse/

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Pompeo in (central) Europe: What is his message?

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is visiting Europe, also Hungary, Slovakia and Polland. Read few comments. Continue reading

Afghanistan: Towards a peace deal?

How optimistic are you about achieving a (comprehensive) peace plan for Afghanistan and what are the biggest obstacles you see?  Read few comments.

Slovak soldiers in Afghanistan. Credit: Andrej Matisak

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Kofi Annan and his legacy

RIP Kofi Annan (1938-2018). How would you assess the effect Kofi Annan has on the UN, what is his international legacy? Read few comments.

Secretary-General Kofi Annan meets with Eduard Kukan, Foreign Minister of the Slovak Republic (19 December 2003). Credit: UN Photo/Evan Schneider

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