What drives China to Central and Eastern Europe: Interview with PM Li Keqiang

What follows it the written interview for Central and Eastern European Countries with Chinese PM Li Keqiang amid China-CEE meeting in Belgrade. Slovakia’s Pravda, I am working for, was the part of the project, for a shortened interview in Slovak see here. Continue reading

Central and Eastern Europe and CIA torture report

Polish ex-President Kwasniewski has admitted that Poland hosted CIA secret prison. WaPo located two prisons also in Lithuania and Romania. After CIA torture report was released would you say that it is also time for some soul searching in Central and Eastern Europe regarding relations with the US or you do not perceive it as something serious? Read few comments.

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Will NATO significantly increase its presence in CEE region?

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski said that: Strengthening NATO’s eastern flank is fundamental. Do you expect that we will see NATO significantly beefing up the Eastern flank? Read few comments.

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At least one EU top job for Central and Eastern Europe?

At the European Council we have seen the resistance of CEE countries who now are asking for one EU top job. Would you say they are right in doing it, or not and why? Read few comments.

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No top job in the EU for CEE?

It seems none of the 3 top EU jobs will go to CEE region. I could change in the last minute, but it is not very realistic. Should the CEE region learn some lesson out of it, or maybe it is not so important? Read few comments.

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Iraq War, Bush administration and Central and Eastern Europe

In 2003, before the Iraq War, the Bush administration was able to create the coalition of the willing as many CEE nations were on board. How much you would say it was a result of Washington’s pressure and how much it was a genuine support?

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Lukashenko vs European Union. An escalation

Belarus orders Sweden to close its embassy after the teddy bear attack. EU ambassadors in Brussels will meet tomorrow (10 August), in response to the expulsion of Swedish diplomats.

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