Eurozone: France-Germany agreement as a good compromise for everyone else?

Paris and Berlin would like take the big decisions on eurozone by June. But would you say that the others are on board, do you find this politically feasible? Read few comments.

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Iran: What do protests (probably) mean?

We still do not know much about any organizational structure (if there is any) but it seems Iran protests are quite widespread. How do you read this, what does it mean for the regime? Read few comments.

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One Belt, One Road: What is/should be the reaction of the West on China’s initiative?

Absolute majority of Western leaders is skipping upcoming One Belt, One Road meeting in Beijing. There is also criticism that this is a missed opportunity but on the other hand there is still also some suspicion what the OBOR initiative really means. Is it more about economy, trade or about Chinese geopolitical ambitions? So in your opinion how should the West (I know it is not the homogenous entity) react on OBOR? Read few comments.

China’s One belt, One Road initiative (click to enlarge). Credit:

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What can Emmanuel Macron mean for the EU future?

Emmanuel Macron says: I’m a pro-European, I defended constantly during this election the European idea. I do consider that my mandate will be at the same to reform in depth the European Union and our European project. But how (un)realistic is this vision of in depth EU reform, where can he find allies and what might be the biggest obstacles for him? Read few comments.

Emmanuel Macron. Credit:

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Brexit negotiations: What are the red lines EU and Britain won’t cross?

UK-EU negotiations must take into the account “gazillion” of issues. But if you look at both sides, where do you see clear red lines for them, is it anything Britain much achieve to avoid being perceived as a total loser, and is it anything like this on the EU side? Read few comments.

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What is China’s Xi game and what about Trump’s?

Interestingly, in the age of Donald Trump some observers see China as the custodian of economic liberal order, though not political liberal order as China is an authoritarian regime. What is your view on this and what do you think Trump wants from China and vice versa? Read few comments.

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2017: The year of isolationism?

After Brexit and Trump in 2016 many observers say the world and nations may become more inward looking and isolationist in 2017. What is your view, do you agree and why or do you see this differently? Read few comments.

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