Al-Jazeera journalists sentenced to three-year in prison. What does it mean for Egypt?

Egypt gives Al-Jazeera journalists three-year sentence. From your point of view what does this sentence tells us (if anything) about Egypt’s regime? Read few comments.

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Egypt: Does new Suez Canal make sense?

Does Egypt need project on new Suez Canal, could it lead to boosting of the economy or maybe the government should pay more attention to other sectors of the Egyptian economy? Read few comments.

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Egypt: No compromise?

According to The Washington Post Bernardino León, the European Union’s envoy for Egypt, suggested that it was believed that a deal for peaceful end to Egypt crisis was close.

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Egypt: Very little room for compromise?

Read few comments.

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Will elections only take place in Egypt once the military is able to control the outcome?

Read few initial thoughts on what is going on in Egypt by Timo BehrResearch Fellow, Finnish Institute of International Affairs.

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Tarek Osman: Will Egypt manage to move from limbo to stability?

My short email interview on Egypt with Tarek Osman who is the author of the book Egypt on the Brink: From Nasser to Mubarak

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Is Morsy seeking a confrontation?

It was pretty clear that Mohamed Morsy’s decree will meet a strong opposition, wasn’t it? So why is President Morsy doing this? Is he seeking a confrontation, or not and why?

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