Is it a symbiosis for the EPP and Orban’s Fidesz?

While not everybody from the EPP is in Hungarian PM Viktor Orban’s camp the leadership of the EPP rarely criticizes Orban. Will Orban stay largely untouchable, is this more about how skillful he is or perhaps the EPP does not care much, or is it basically both? Read few comments.

EPP President Joseph Daul tweeted support for Hungarian PM Viktor Orban. Credit:

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New European Commission: Socialists and conservatives are fighting over nominees

It looks like the debate about the commissioner candidates heats up. Socialists are unsatisfied with Rumiana Jeleva and Algirdas Semeta, EPP attacks Maros Sefcovic and everybody criticize Olli Rehn.

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Who is ruling European Union?

Is it eurogrand coalition of European People’s Party and Party of European Socialists? Both parties had congresses last year in December.

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