Brexit: A lose-lose scenario

From your perspective, what is the most important (political, economical, or other) thing that the UK is losing and the EU is losing with Brexit? Any gains for the EU and the UK?  Read few comments.

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What’s next for Brexit?

Barring a miracle Britain will leave the EU on January 31. In general, what do you expect from the UK-EU negotiations about the future relations? PM Boris Johnson wants to finish them by end of 2020. But is it realistic? Read few comments.

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What is Macron’s vision for Europe?

There is a discussion about France vetoing start of the EU accession talks with Northern Macedonia (and also Albania). French President Emmanuel Macron argues that firstly he wants to see a reform of the accession process and reform of the EU itself. But in your opinion, what kind vision does French nPresident Macron have for the EU and do you think the others are willing to follow? Read few comments. (I have asked those questions before Macron’s NATO rant).

French President Emmanuel Macron. Credit,:

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Is revived Brexit deal fair and reasonable?

Michel Barnier and Boris Johnson called revived Brexit deal fair and reasonable. Would you agree, or perhaps not and why? Read few comments.

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EU migrant quotas: Back to square one?

France and Italy are calling for a new system to automatically redistribute migrants across the EU as the number of people entering Europe surges. In the EU we have seen how politically hot and divisive is this topic. So are we basically back to square one with this debate? Read few comments.
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Some strengths and weaknesses of von der Leyen’s Commission

This is very preliminary but read few comments.

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Will the possibility of a no deal Brexit increase with Boris Johnson as British PM?

It seems Boris Johnson is a clear favorite to become a British PM. Do you think that if that happen a chance of the no-deal Brexit scenario will really increase, and what kind of reaction do you expect from the EU? Read few comments.

Boris Johnson. Credit:

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