Is Brexit a playbook for the others?

Nigel Farage said about Brexit: I hope this brings down the European project. Do you think the eurosceptic movements in Europe will learn something out of Brexit, can they copy something from the campaign and how should the pro-EU camp react? Read few comments.

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Podemos? Eurosceptics? What’s next for them after Syriza’s victory

Could Syriza’s victory be a boost for similar radical left European parties, maybe especially for Pomedos in Spain, but perhaps also somehow for eurosceptics? Read few commensts

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EP elections 2014: How to challenge a rise of radical and extremist parties?

In the EP elections in May (22 – 25) we may see a surge of eurosceptic and radical right and left wing parties. Would you say that the “mainstream” parties should put more focus on this during the campaign and, in general, how to address it in a few weeks campaign before the EP elections? Read Few comments.

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