Obama visits Kenya and Ethiopia. What’s on his agenda

As US President Barack Obama visits Kenya and Ethiopia the usual topics are on the table: trade and investment, security and counter-terrorism, and democracy and human rights. From your point of view, what should be Obama’s focus, what countries like Kenya or Ethiopia need from the US? Read few comments.

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Iran deal: New chapter? Or horror story?

HighRep Federica Mogherini:  This decision is not only on Iran’s nuclear program, it’s much more, can open a new chapter in international relations. In your opinion, how much is it realistic to expect that it will really open a new chapter in international relations and what kind of chapter? Read few comments.

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Iran nuclear talks: Deal or not? And what may happen under both scenarios

How would you asses the impact of the possible successful conclusion of Iran nuclear talks on the broader Middle East and maybe also beyond? And if the talks fail, what kind of impact do you expect? Read few comments.

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G8 without Russia: Does it mean anything for Moscow?

Becoming a member of G-8 has been quite prestigious goal for Russia. Now, Russia is again out, does it have any impact on Russia in your opinion? Read few comments.

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Crisis in Macedonia: What role could/should the EU, Serbia and Albania play?

Read few comments.

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How important is the Eastern Partnership for the EU? And what about Russia?

The fourth Eastern Partnership summit will take place in Riga on May, 21-22. What kind of role does the Eastern Partnership project play in the current state or tensions/conflict between the EU and Russia, is it important for the EU to keep the project running and maybe is it important for Russia to disrupt the project? Read few comments.

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What is going on in Macedonia?

Fews answers from James Ker-LindsaySenior Research Fellow on the Politics of South East Europe, London School of Economics and Political Science.

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