Will presidential election change American foreign policy?

Foreign policy is usually not the topic which would be super prominent in the US presidential election, though candidates need to show they have some foreign policy credentials. But looking at the crowd of candidates in the US presidential election do you see any trends and which trends that may probably influence the future of American foreign policy almost irrespectively of who will be the next US President? Read few comments.

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US-Iran relations: Where are we heading?

It is hardly a coincidence that Iran-US prisoner swap was announced by Tehran on the Implementation Day of JCPOA. In light of this how do you read the US-Iran relations, what both sides are hoping to gain? Read few comments.

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Taiwan-China: Mr. Ma and Mr. Xi in historic meeting

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou have addressed each other as Mr. Xi and Mr. Ma. What does this historic meeting mean for Taiwan-China relations? Read few comments.

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Refugee crisis: How will EU and Turkey cooperate?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Turkey key to solving Europe’s refugee crisis. What would you say could be a key to successful and effective EU-Turkey cooperation re refugee crisis, is this kind of cooperation possible? Read few comments.

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Middle East and the role of external powers

You might perhaps see it differently, but it seems that Russia is back in the Middle East, the US is quite indecisive and the EU lack any visible strategy related to region. Plus with some ongoing conflicts, Sunni-Shia rivalry and in many countries problematic economic prospects, what would be you advice for any external power looking at the Middle East? Read few comments.

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What kind of foreign policy for the EU in the time of crisis?

With the refugee crisis there are many issues the EU should pay attention to (Syria, Libya, Eritrea…). Many of those may lead to important decisions, e. g. how we use diplomacy, are we willing to use military power, etc. Do you think that the refugee crisis will lead also to more unite EU foreign policy or not, and why? Read few comments.

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Putin meets Obama? Or Obama meets Putin? Who knows and what to expect anyway

What do you expect from the Obama-Putin meeting and for whom is this meeting more important? Read few comments.

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