Central and Eastern Europe and CIA torture report

Polish ex-President Kwasniewski has admitted that Poland hosted CIA secret prison. WaPo located two prisons also in Lithuania and Romania. After CIA torture report was released would you say that it is also time for some soul searching in Central and Eastern Europe regarding relations with the US or you do not perceive it as something serious? Read few comments.

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Putin at a crossroads? Hmm…

Russian President Putin left the G20 summit early. British PM Cameron e. g. said that he thinks President Putin can see he is at a crossroads regarding Ukraine. But on the other hand not tougher sanctions against Russian are expected. So it seems it is simply a continuing stalemate. What’s your view on situation?

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U.S and China want to avoid a military conflict

According to The Wall Street Journal U.S., China ready deals to avert military confrontations. How essential are those efforts in your opinion? Would you say it may lead to some broader détente in Asia-Pacific? Read few comment.

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Georgieva, Mogherini, Sikorski for EU High Rep. post, but how good is this roster

So we have official candidates for EU High Rep. with Kristalina Georgieva, Federica Mogherini and Radek Sikorski. It still can happen that the job will go to another person, and The Financial Times claims it will go to Mogherini, but if you look at those three candidates are they all up to this job in your opinion or not, in general is it a good roster? Read few comments.

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More unity in the EU regarding sanctions against Russia?

As we have seen in the last months the EU was pretty divided regarding Russia, would you say that more united EU may appear slowly, or maybe not so much? Read few comments.

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What’s next for EU sanctions? How hard will be Russia hit?

According to EU proposal regarding sanctions against Russia new measure will “prohibit any EU persons from investing in debt, equity and similar financial instruments with a maturity higher than 90 days, issued by state-owned Russian financial institutions…anywhere in the world.” Is this a step that could hit Russia hard, or not and why? Read few comments.

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What’s next for West – Russia relations? More sanctions, any military operation?

Will tougher words from the West after the shootdown of MH-17 flight materialize into something? Read few comments.

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