How to react on Nice attack?

Though with relatively simple means the attacker in Nice was able to kill dozens of people. It seems that basically we live in times in which another terrorist attack is not the question of if but when. Do you also see that way and how would you say society, politicians should react on this? Read few comments.

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EURO 2016 and terrorism: French authorities will consider previous attacks

One can say the EURO 2016 it is an attractive target for any terrorist but on the other hand the high level of security measures will probably discourage many from trying anything. So in general what will be focus of security services regarding EURO 2016 and why? Read few comments.

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Will Marine Le Pen apocalyptically change France, Europe?

With FN of Marine Le Pen election success many observers are predicting that if FN will be even more successful it may lead to break-up of the EU or at least to fundamental changes in the EU. May I ask for your view on this, do you think we could see this dynamic toward bigger pressure on the EU, maybe also multiply by the UK referendum on the EU? Read few comments.

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Paris attacks: Will EU fight along with France?

President François Hollande has mentioned Lisbon Treaty article 42.7 an obligation of aid and assistance by all the means in their power to any member that is the victim of armed aggression. Many observers think it is quite unusual. How do you read this, to what kind of EU response could it lead? Read few comments.

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Paris attacks: What does it mean in the context of fighting ISIS?

Paris attacks are the essence of terrorism, it is not only about people being killed it is about creating a political effect, says Peter Neumann, Director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation. Would you agree with such description of Paris terrorist attacks and why? And whoever was it, what should be the reaction on those attacks in your opinion? Read few comments.

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EU: Is the Franco-German engine running again?

French President François Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will make a historic joint appearance in the European Parliament. Would you say that we are witnessing kind of revival of French-German EU engine, or maybe not so much and why? Read few comments.

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France after the attacks: Unity, divisions, something in between?

Four million people in the streets and 42 percent of French saying they oppose the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.  These are basically just numbers, but if you look at France after the Paris attacks what you see: unity, divisions, something in between? And how much it it important for the future of the country? Read few comments.

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