Another North Korea’s nuclear test and what’s next

North Korea just announced successful test of H-bomb. While it will be discussed it seems that NK nuclear/missile program is really advanced. How do you see this and, I know it is a huge issue, but what is your preferable scenario how to deal with North Korea? Read few comments.

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One Belt, One Road: What is/should be the reaction of the West on China’s initiative?

Absolute majority of Western leaders is skipping upcoming One Belt, One Road meeting in Beijing. There is also criticism that this is a missed opportunity but on the other hand there is still also some suspicion what the OBOR initiative really means. Is it more about economy, trade or about Chinese geopolitical ambitions? So in your opinion how should the West (I know it is not the homogenous entity) react on OBOR? Read few comments.

China’s One belt, One Road initiative (click to enlarge). Credit:

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