Parkland shooting: Does America care about own murdered children?

It may sound harsh but I see statements from some observers that after Sandy Hook massacre America accepted that even kids can be shot and no meaningful gun control can be introduced. Another day, and another shooting at high school in Parkland. Can we really say that at least part on American society simply accepts that those things happen on regular basis, is it possible to change this attitude? Read few comments.
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Steve Scalise shooting: What does it mean for America?

We still do not know much about the shooter’s motives, though it seems that a gunman who opened fire at a congressional baseball practice was anti-GOP, anti-Trump. What kind of political reaction do you expect, and what should be in your opinion the political reaction of this horrible act? Read few comments. Continue reading

It seems Obamas’s gun control agenda won’t go any further

President Barack Obama have just announced what many call as fairly small changes in terms of gun control. Do you think he will try to push for more (should he try to push for more?) as his mandate is slowly ending and gun control will probably be also a visible topic in presidential campaign? Read few comments.

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Will Newtown massacre profoundly influence a gun control issue in the U.S.?

Read few comments.

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Gun control: The USA has a longstanding history of a gun culture

Aurora shooting and Sikh temple shooting happened in less than three weeks.

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