Ireland: New legislation allows abortion for the first time

Would you call it the evolution or the revolution, and why, in terms of the debate about the abortion in Ireland? Read few comments.

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Will Ireland say yes to fiscal treaty?

Probably. At this stage, fear (of the unknown consequences of a No vote) is the most powerful factor that will motivate people to go to their polling station to cast a Yes vote.

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Irish referendum on fiscal treaty: Leave them alone

It might be the best policy.

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Ireland: The debate on abortions reopens on 20th anniversary of the X case

More about the X case. (from Wikipedia)

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Obama vs Queen in Ireland

POTUS and Elizabeth II. have visited Ireland.

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Historic visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Ireland

It  is a first visit of the British Monarch to Ireland  since Irish independence in 1922.

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Ireland goes to the polls. Should we expect changes?

Fine Gael is heading toward victory and probably to coalition government with Labour according to polls.

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