Saudi blogger likely faces a severe punishment for tweets about the Prophet Mohammed

Hazma Kashgari even faces a possible death sentence.

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No punishment for Terry Jones for the burning of Quran in the US

But what if he would be somewhere else, for example in the UK.

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Changes in the Muslim world and women’s rights

Experts: The West should listen to the Muslim women.

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Afghan citizen Said Musa faces a possible death sentence for converting to Christianity

See here. His case is not the first and surely not the last one in Afghanistan.  Update: Said Musa was released.

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It would be not wise for Obama to say I’m going to convert to Islam

Of course it is just a speculation. But the fact is America is not ready for a Muslim President.

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Mosque near Ground Zero: A challenging debate

Some opinions and ideas.

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Jihadists in Europe. A threat?

German authorities closed last week a Hamburg mosque where 9/11 plotters met. According to magazine Time a 2009 report from German Domestic intelligence estimated that there are 45 jihadists in the city with links to other violent Islamic extremists in Germany and abroad.

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