Balkan refugee route is closed. A new one will be open?

With Balkan route effectively closed how much is Italy worried about possbility that migrant flow would shitf to Italy? In general how do you see this issue of changing of refugee routes, for what should Europe be prepared? Read few comments.

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EU will relocate the migrants, but on the voluntarily basis

After the decision of the European Council it seems there will be no mandatory quotas for relocating migrants. How do you see this development form the EU perspective and is it also a defeat for PM Matteo Renzi? Read few comments.

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Mediterranean migrants crisis: Also a military solution?

Italy has mentioned few times that Europe must strike the traffickers, destroying their boats. And Rome even mentioned international military or police operation. The EU has announced it is the plan to capture and destroy the smugglers vessels before they can be used. Would you say it might help, or maybe not so much, and why? Read few comments.

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Civil unions for Italy?

Italian PM Matteo Renzi said: Gay rights will be the same as those for married heterosexual couples.  Many people consider Italy as a pretty conservative country. Would you say that Renzi is risking some backlash with this initiative or maybe not so much, and why? Read few comments.

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Renzi for Letta

Read few comments.

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Berlusconi: A desperate man?

Former PM Silvio Berlusconi asked for a review of his tax fraud trial, he also suggested that President Giorgio Napolitalo should pardon him. Would you say that these are just a desperate measures of a desperate man as a Senate vote on his expulsion nears and he knows that he is going to lose?

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Berlusconi is gambling

Silvio Berlusconi has called for fresh elections “as soon as possible”. Berlusoni’s ministers resigned and PM Letta accused Berlusconi of telling big lie. It does not look good for the current coalition.

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