What if North Korea’s missile would hit Japan by accident?

North Korea just fired a missile over Japan. What if the rocket would malfunctioned and would hit Japan? Probably there would be some (military?) response. Would you say there was a real danger having this scenario, does North Korea care? Read few comments.
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Obama visits Hiroshima. What does it mean?

It seems for some critics President Barack Obama’s visit of Hiroshima is not enough as he will not apologize but for the other side it is too much because he is going there. How do you perceive this visit? Read few comments.

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To pay or not to pay: ISIS demands $200 million for Japanese hostages

As ISIS is asking for a ransom for Japan’s citizens how would you say Tokyo will react? And how should Japan react in your opinion? Read few comments. Continue reading

Is the region in need of new security structures with China’s ADIZ?

Read few comments.

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Japan: They call it lonely deaths

Will more people die alone without anybody knowing that for many days?

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Japan has water cannons, but China’s first carrier goes into service

China sent its first aircraft carrier into service and Japan protests Taiwan vessel presence near disputed isles.

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Fukushima: The worst of worst possible scenarios

And is the nuclear renaissance dead?

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