RIP John McCain

Maverick, conservative, foreign policy hawk. Politician from the times (though I am not sure if those really existed) when politics was more civilized. What was Senator John McCain’s political star hour (2000 campaign?) and what about his most problematic decision (Sarah Palin?) and what those things say us about his political legacy? Read few comments.

John McCain (1936 – 2018)

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Joe Biden for the VPOTUS

Why him?

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Sarah Palin for VPOTUS

Why her?

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US presidential election: It’s between Obama and Mccain

But the chances of GOP’s candidate are not very good.

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Nevada is on the Dems side too close to call. South Carolina is important for GOP

The Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucuses will take place on January 19, 2008. Also the South Carolina Republican primary will take place on January 19, 2008 along with the Nevada Republican caucuses.

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