A war is coming?: What’s next for Lebanon

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warns against Lebanon proxy wars. So how do you assess a possibility of an open war in Lebanon, and what kind of war – who against whom? Read few comments.
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What did Syria’s war do to Hezbollah?

What is the most visible impact of Syrian conflict on Hezbollah and how would you shortly assess a position of Hezbollah after 6 years of Syrian conflict, is Hezbollah stronger, weaker or basically the same, and why? Read few comments.

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Have Syrian war and refugee crisis highlighted existing problems in Lebanon?

With more than 1.5 million Syrian refugees, compounded with other refugee communities, Lebanon is the country with the highest per-capita concentration of refugees worldwide.

He was the best in his class. 17-year old Syrian Hozaifa is now paraplegic after bombing and lives as refugee in Beqaa, Lebanon. Credit: Andrej Matisak

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Lebanon and Syrian refugees: Problems and challenges

Read short interview with Raghda Ziadeh. She works as a project coordinator for a Lebanese non-governmental and non-profit organization DCL Foundation.

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The EU blacklisted Hezbollah’s military wing. Does it mean something?

Read few comments.

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Middle East: The next war is not imminent

What happened in few days in the region: The exchange of fire on the Libanon-Israel border, alleged assassination attempt on Mahmud Ahmadinejad, missile attack on Eilat with one rocket landed in Aqaba…

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