Is Trump damaging freedom of the press?

Following The Boston Globe’s initiative more than 300 U.S. newspapers have pledged to run editorials defending freedom of the press in response to President Donald Trump and The Boston Globe accused POTUS of carrying out a sustained assault on the free press, would you say this is a right approach from the media, do you think that Trump is really damaging freedom of the press? Read few comments.

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Media in the age of Trump

The White House spokesman Sean Spicer said that it is two way street when journalists are talking about trust and credibility. I am not sure about Mr. Spicer credibility but the fact is that the trust in media is quite low. Is it crucial to try to earn trust back especially in the age of Trump?  Do you think that Donald Trump administration constitute some unique challenge for the media and how to deal with this? Read few comments.

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Donald Trump and his “precious” Twitter

POETUS Donald Trump is extremely Twitter savvy not shying away from commenting basically on anything from North Korea to The Apprentice ratings. Do you expect that he will use Twitter the same way also after becoming POTUS and what pros and cons it may have for him? Read few comments.

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Why do we follow the story of Brangelina?

With Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorcing another Hollywood fairy-tale is coming to its end. Our societies are somehow obsessed by celebrities so how is it perceived by American public, how important is this news for America, and why? Read few comments.

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What some watchers of China think about the case of Ursula Gauthier

China will expel French journalist Ursula Gauthier. Why do you think China has reacted that way and should Western governments put some pressure on Beijing in such cases? Read few comments.

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What’s next for HSBC scandal and media after Peter Oborne’s resignation

Peter Oborne, the Daily Telegraph’s chief political commentator, has resigned from the paper over its coverage of HSBC. He has used very harsh words towards the Daily Telegraph. So how do you see his resignation, could it have some bigger impact on British media, and maybe on HSBC scandal? Read few comments.

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Attack on Charlie Hebdo and freedom of press and expression

President François Hollande called the attack an act of terrorism. Without too much speculations who did it I think we can call an attack on media also the attack on freedom of speech. So in your opinion, how should media react, should there be some limits for example in depicting the Prophet? Read few comments.


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Al-Qaeda prefers media frenzy to no coverage

On one hand President Obama said that the government is not overreacting in locking down diplomatic posts on the other hand he is claiming that the odds of dying in a terrorist attack are a lot lower than they are of dying in a car accident. We also saw the report on how clothes may be dipped into the liquid explosives, and become explosive themselves once the liquid dries.

Protests over censorship at Southern Weekly newspaper gain some support. Significant?

Would you say those protests have some potential to change something in China?

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How inappropriate is the wiretapping of journalists in the democracy?

As Some Slovak journalist had been allegedly wiretapped by the Military Defense Intelligence I have asked few experts when it could be justified.

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