US-Germany relations: The calm before another storm?

While  seems that the reason for rescheduling of meeting of US State Secretary Mike Pompeo with Chancellor Angela Merkel has been Pomeo’s visit Iraq, how would you describe the current state of US-Germany relations? Red few comments.

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Where will Pompeo’s 12 demands for Iran lead us?

The US secretary of State Mike Pompeo has set out 12 demands for Iran. Do you think it is realistic to base conversation with Tehran on those 12 demands, or not, and do you think that US can find some support for demands among European allies? Read few comments.
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Success and failure of Rex Tillerson

What was the biggest success if anything, and what the biggest failure of  Rex Tillerson in the office? Could Mike Pompeo be an improvement over Tillerson? Read few comments.

Outgoing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Credit:

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