Congress vs POTUS: The bitterness cannot possibly get worse


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Obama won. Why? And what’s next?

Read few comments. What do you think was the decisive moment, what decided this election?

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Obama and Romney: Ups and downs of their campaigns

This is the Election Day. We can look back at the campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

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Looking for some undecided voters

A lots of headlines say that Romney and Obama wants to win the undecided voters in the last seconds. But many pundits claim that there is almost zero undecided voters at this stage. Are the undecided voters still important?

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Female voters and US presidential election

Read few comments.

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Any impact? NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorses Obama for second term

How important or unimportant is Bloomberg’s endorsement at this stage of the race?

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What defines Mitt Romney

And what about his most memorable moment.

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