And the winner of UK election is… Liberal Democrats?

A new coalition government consists from the Conservatives and Lib Dems. It may be all smiles for now, but some experts doubt that will last for long.

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David Cameron is a new British Prime Minister

But is he satisfied? And what about the Conservatives/Liberal Democrats coalition? Will it last? The Labour PM Gordon Brown has resigned after almost three years in the office.

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Gordon Brown said he is stepping down as Labour Party leader

It seems the situation is now even more complicated. For the Lib Dems  it would be easier to decide to strike the deal with the Conservatives if Brown would be still a leader. Perhaps now they will hesitate a bit more as it is not sure if all Lib Dems are so keen to join the Tories.

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A stable goverment? What does it mean in the UK after election?

And who will compromise? Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Gordon Brown?

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The Liberal Democrats are closer on many issues with Labour then with Tories

But it does not mean Nick Clegg will support Gordon Brown. What’s next for United Kingdom after it is clear the hung parliament is reality? And what about the options of David Cameron and the Conservatives?

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David Cameron’s position is shaky. Gordon Brown is done

What about Nick Clegg?

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Will United Kingdom become a bit more pro-EU with Liberal Democrats?

Is  the European Union the issue for the British voters?

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