What is the future of Nord Stream 2? Will it really happen?

Norbert Röttgen, chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the German Bundestag just wrote: Germany in particular must urgently reconsider the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project. Do you see Nord Stream 2 as a done deal, or do you think it still might not happen, and why? Read few comments.

Pipelay vessel Pioneering Spirit near Denmark’s Great Belt Bridge on its journey to join the Nord Stream 2 construction fleet in the Baltic Sea. The vessel is operated by contractor Allseas. Credit: https://www.nord-stream2.com/

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Fico meets Merkel: What does Slovakia want from Germany?

Slovak PM Fico will meet Chancellor Merkel in Berlin. Taking into account that Slovak EU Presidency is approaching would you be so kind shortly assess what Slovakia may want from Germany and vice versa and how Germany sees Slovakia especially taking into account topics like migration crisis and Nord Stream 2? Read few comments.

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Nord Stream 2: Russia is a reliable partner, top German politician says

My email interview with Klaus Barthel, (SPD), Deputy Chairman of the Economic Affairs and Energy Committee of the Bundestag. The interview was first time published in Slovak in Pravda.

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