Inter-Korean summit: Denuclearization and peace? Yes, but…

How do you see the possibility of denuclearization of Korean peninsula and what the denuclearization could mean in your opinion, and how do you see a prospect of formally ending the war?  Read few comments.

Inter-Korean summit: SK President Moon Jae-in (right) and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Credit: english1.president.go.k

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Inter-Korean summit: What do Seoul and Pyongyang want?

Inter-Korean summit may seem only as an appetizer before Trump-Kim meeting (of course, we will see if that happens). But would do you think South expects from the summit, what are the main goals of President Moon? And what about North and Kim’s goals? Read few comments.

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What is the role of women of North Korea’s regime?

Kim Jong-un has sent his sister Kim Yo-jong to SK during Olympics, now his wife Ri Sol-ju has a title First Lady. The brutal regime had/has usually a face of men from Kim’s family. Do you think that making women more visible is beneficial for North Korea for propaganda purposes or a higher profile of women is maybe just a coincidence? Read few comments.

Kim Yo-jong shakes hands with President Moon Jae-in after delivering a signed letter from her brother, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Credit:

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Trump-Kim Jong-un summit: How did we reach this point?

It is pretty shocking twist of events as President Trump and NK leader Kim Jong-un are going to meet. In your opinion, how did we reach this point and wat do you expect from this? Read few comments.
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A window of opportunity for talks between North Korea and the US?

VPOTUS Mike Pence said that during conversations with South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in, the U.S. and SK had agreed on terms for “further engagement” with the North. Such an engagement would be conducted first by the South Koreans and “potentially” with the U.S. shortly thereafter. How do you read this statement, do you see any potential window of opportunity for diplomatic talks between North Korea and the US? Read few comments.

US Vice President Mike Pence meets South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Credit:

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North Korea: Any progress beyond the Olympics detente?

It seems that South Korean President Moon Jae-in is quite heavily betting on Korean Olympic display of unity. But what would have to happen to make it really matter? Does it mean anything for the situation on Korean Peninsula or it is safe to say that everybody will revert to old ways after the Olympics?

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Is Trump one step closer to North Korea bloody nose scenario?

It seems that Professor Victor Cha has disliked the idea of a limited strike on North Korea and he is now out of consideration for being US Ambassador in South Korea. Does it tell us something about how seriously is White House considering the bloody nose scenario? Are we getting closer to preventive strike against North Korea? Read few comments.

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