Iran deal: New chapter? Or horror story?

HighRep Federica Mogherini:  This decision is not only on Iran’s nuclear program, it’s much more, can open a new chapter in international relations. In your opinion, how much is it realistic to expect that it will really open a new chapter in international relations and what kind of chapter? Read few comments.

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Nuclear deal with Iran: Pros and cons

Read few comments. Read also the full text of Iran nuclear deal.

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British spies vs. Iran’s nuclear program

British involvement is probably less sensational than the The Daily Telegraph’s suggestion, but it doesn’t  mean we should rule out every kind of involvement.

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Does Iran continue on a nuclear quest?

An article based on the leaked cables in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten claims that Iran has been developing contacts in more than thirty countries, in order to acquire the technology, equipment and raw materials needed to develop a nuclear bomb.

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Sanctions alone won’t work on Iran

By Charles Robb, a former Democratic senator from Virginia, and Charles Wald, a retired general.

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UN approved new sanctions on Iran. Will they work?

Will Tehran comply with international demands over its nuclear program? UN Security Council resolution 1929 was passed by 12 votes. Brazil and Turkey voted against. Lebanon abstained.

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Israel is widely believed to have nuclear weapons

According to a new book of US academic and newspaper The Guardian Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons.

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