Iran deal: New chapter? Or horror story?

HighRep Federica Mogherini:  This decision is not only on Iran’s nuclear program, it’s much more, can open a new chapter in international relations. In your opinion, how much is it realistic to expect that it will really open a new chapter in international relations and what kind of chapter? Read few comments.

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Iran nuclear talks: Deal or not? And what may happen under both scenarios

How would you asses the impact of the possible successful conclusion of Iran nuclear talks on the broader Middle East and maybe also beyond? And if the talks fail, what kind of impact do you expect? Read few comments.

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US says Russia violated 1987 nuclear missile treaty. Any implications?

Read few comments.

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Should we accept North Korea’s nuclear program?

What can the world realistically do on North Korea’s nuclear program? What should be the best possible reaction after the third test?

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From Washington nuclear summit to nuclear summit in Seoul

What happened in 2 years.

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Does Iran continue on a nuclear quest?

An article based on the leaked cables in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten claims that Iran has been developing contacts in more than thirty countries, in order to acquire the technology, equipment and raw materials needed to develop a nuclear bomb.

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Will the US and Russia renegotiate New START treaty?

Russian Duma prepares five amendments for the ratification of New START. During the heated debate the US Senate voted down the amendment of Senator John McCain with argument it could lead to the renegotiation of the treaty.

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