Is argument about climate change related to the national security debate?

There are many discussion connecting national security and climate change and countries are usually responsive to arguments that describe security threats. So how important (or maybe unimportant?) could be the national security argument for countries, even for sceptical countries, to do something about climate change? Read few comments.

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Are we ready to change climate change?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says unprecedented action needed to prevent temperature rise. Do you see sings that were are really ready to do it, what are the biggest obstacles here? Read few comments.

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Can Trump renegotiate Paris climate deal? Hardly

President Donald Trump said he is withdrawing the US from Paris climate accord but he also said that the US would begin negotiations to possibly re-enter the Paris accord or a similar deal. Do you think that he seriously wants to renegotiate the deal, and if he does what could be his strategy, his aim? Read few comments.

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