Refugee crisis and building fences: This time it’s Austria’s turn

We might have another fence, this time at Austria-Slovenia borders. Albeit it seem it is not the same concept as in Hungary, in my view it clearly shows Europe is inching towards securitization of the refugee crisis. For politicians it is probably the best way how to show the voters that they are doing something. But what kind of impact it may have on the refugee crisis? Do you think that at the end Europe will start to flirt with the idea of closing external borders? Read few comments.

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Balkans and refugee crisis: What to expect from the EU

Meeting of the EU countries with Serbia, Macedonia and Albania is focused on the Balkans refugee route. How would you say the situation re refugee crisis is perceived in those non-EU countries? Do they expect more from the EU, don’t they? Read few comments.

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Does suffering Finland’s economy need more cuts?

Finland’s government is ready for more spending cuts. But with a high unemployment and almost non-existent economic growth is this a needed and sustainable strategy for the economy or maybe not so much, and why? Read few comments.

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Merkel and refugee crisis: What does it mean for German politics?

Angela Merkel’s strategy re refugee crises is criticized as by many, even inside her party. And Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel’s statement is also quite interesting as he says refugee spending like stimulus package. Read few comments on German politics by Christian Schweiger, Senior Lecturer in Government, Department of Politics, Durham University.

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Refugee crisis: How will EU and Turkey cooperate?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says Turkey key to solving Europe’s refugee crisis. What would you say could be a key to successful and effective EU-Turkey cooperation re refugee crisis, is this kind of cooperation possible? Read few comments.

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Nobel Peace Prize for Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet. A message for the region?

National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia wins Nobel Peace Prize. It might been seen as a signal how things should work for the region that Tunisia is probably not perfect, but still better off than the others. Would you agree, or not, could this Nobel Peace Prize has any impact in the region? Read few comments.

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Refugee crisis and EU borders corps. How could this work?

There is a proposal to beef up Frontex plus possibility of establishing of some kind of EU borders corps.  Would you say we need something like this, would this be beneficial in the time of the refugee crisis? Read few comments.

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