Brexit: British diplomacy’s charm offensive?

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson just visited Slovakia. He arrives only few days after PM May’s speech in Florence. What do you think is the main aim of British diplomacy after the speech and do you think that speech brought some clarity into the negotiations? Read few comments.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson with State Secretary Ivan Korcok. Credit:

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What to do with AfD?

AfD can celebrate with a great result in the East Germany and many previously non-voters on its side. No doubt the AfD will be a loud voice in the Bundestag. So how to deal with the AfD? To ostracize them? Talk to them? Something in between? Read few comments.
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What to expect from Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum?

Do you see some positive opportunity for the region in an independence referendum for Iraqi Kurdistan or mainly it is a reason for concerns, and why? Read few comments.
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Germany votes: What went right for Merkel? (at least according to polls)

According to polls it seems Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU gets a very solid share of votes on Sunday while Martin Schulz’s SPD will be hardly satisfied. What went right for Merkel and what went wrong for Schulz in the campaign? Read few comments.

Chancellor Angela Merkel. Credit:

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Is German politics boring? Not at all!

While some observers are saying that with Merkel’s hegemony German politics is quite boring, Germany has a far-right party, radical left party, surging liberal party, traditional SPD is perhaps on a verge of huge problems and after the election there will be a discussion about the coalition. So is German politics boring? Read few comments.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and SPD leader Martin Schulz. Credit:

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Will election change Germany’s foreign policy?

Do you expect some changes, adjustment of German foreign policy or more of the same after the election? Does is also depends on if FDP will be a part of the coalition as its leader Christian Lindner was in the EU policy more critical to French President Emmanuel Macron and in Russian policy more sympathetic to Moscow? Read few comments.
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Czech election: Babis’s ANO looks to be assured of placing first

Czech parliament election takes place in one month and it seem that ANO position is pretty safe. But is it really? And ANO might still need a coalition partner(s), is this a main challenge for Andrej Babis? Read few comments.
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