What does it mean?: Top Czech ex-politician David Rath sentences to 8,5 years in corruption case

Has this case somehow changed Czech Republic? Read few comments by Seán Hanley, Senior Lecturer in East European Politics, University College London.

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Irregular quote of the day

Jorrit Kamminga,  Policy Advisor of Oxfam Novib and Senior Visiting Fellow of the Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael.

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Eurozone with own government? Is this a good idea?

French President Hollande says: I have proposed taking up Jacques Delors’ idea about euro government, with the addition of a specific budget and a parliament to ensure democratic control. Do you think that some kind of Eurozone government (or at least Eurozone Finance Minister) is future of Eurozone? Should it be future or Eurozone, or maybe not so much? Read few comments.

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Donald Trump as next US President? Hardly, basically impossible

How would you evaluate Donald Trump’s chances of becoming GOP’s presidential nominee, eventually the American President? Do you see any presidential path for him, or he will probably stay a very visible and loud candidate, but at the end, still just sort of a fringe candidate? Read few comments.

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Srebrenica genocide resolution was vetoed by Russia

As Srebrenica genocide resolution was vetoed by Russia, how important do you find this resolution? Russia is saying it would be divisive, UK says true reconciliation requires facing up to the realities of the past by all sides. Read few comments.

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What does ultimatum for Greece mean?

We have now a kind of real deadline for Greece. So what’s your view, is issuing deadlines in line with, lets say, European spirit, or maybe not so much? Read few comments.

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TTIP and the role of the European Parliament

I would say that whatever compromise we will have re TTIP at the end some groups in the EP will simply oppose TTIP due theirs ideological views, but on the other hand it seems that the debate in the EP is making the process of TTIP negotiations more transparent. So how how do you see the role of the European Parliament re TTIP? Read few comments.

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