Cecil the Lion: Wildlife conservation requires a debate

The killing  of Cecil the Lion is making a waves in international media. In general, what do you think about this case? Is it surprising that it made so many people angry and would say it could contribute to efforts to preserve the wildlife? Read few comments.

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Early elections for Greece?

What do you think about the prospect of early elections in Greece, will Alexis Tsipras’s government survive or would you say that situation in Syriza will lead the country to snap elections? Read few comments.

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Dead or alive: How important is (was) Mullah Omar?

Afghan government is examining claims that Taliban’s leader Mullah Omar is dead. No matter if true or not, what was his role recently in Taliban? Even if he is dead, will it have any influence on anything in Taliban and Afghanistan? Read few comments.

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Germany registers sharp increase in attacks related to asylum-seekers. Will the situation escalate even further?

We have seen a spike in attacks on refugees in Germany, even the explosion destroys Left politician’s car, which might be connected with far-right scene. Do you think that the continuing wave of migration could somehow fuel the violence from the far right? And if you think there will be an escalation what to do to prevent it, at least partially? Read few comments.

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Turkey is fighting ISIS and PKK. Is this a strategy?

Turkey is simultaneously attacking the positions of ISIS and Kurds and for example PKK says truce has no meaning after Turkish air strikes. What do think about Turkish strategy, does it make sense in your opinion? Read few comments.

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Orban: Illegal migration clearly linked with terrorism. Experts: Wait a minute…

Illegal migration clearly linked with terror threat: Hungary PM Orban just said.  Following this statement could you please shortly comment on this? Do you see any real link between migration and terrorism or basically PM Orban statement has very little to do with reality? Read few comments.

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What does it mean?: Top Czech ex-politician David Rath sentences to 8,5 years in corruption case

Has this case somehow changed Czech Republic? Read few comments by Seán Hanley, Senior Lecturer in East European Politics, University College London.

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