A worrying trend?: 2nd refugee sets herself afire on Nauru

Two refugees in a row set themselves on fire in migrant processing centre on Nauru. This could be a worrying trend. How do you see this and how would you say Australia should react? read few comments.

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What will the West do in Libya?

NATO ‘three months’ from Libyan coast mission, British ground troops could go to Libya. With headlines like this some people thinks that the West is inching towards some broader military operation in Libya. What is your view on this, and would this help or maybe not much? Read few comments.

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Cruz-Kasich pact against Trump sounds desperate

It is a panicked desperate move: Steffen SchmidtUniversity Professor of Political Science, Iowa State University.

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Erdogan-Merkel relationship amid the Jan Böhmermann affair

How do you read current President Erdogan-Chancellor Merkel relationship amid the case of Jan Böhmermann, what both sides hope to gain from this relationship? Read few comments.

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Bremain or Brexit? It is unlikely that Obama’s intervention will have any pivotal effect

President Barack Obama visits Britain do you think that his expected intervention may have some impact on EU referendum campaing or probably not, and why? Read few comments.

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Are public hearings important for the selection of the next UN Secretary-General?

As UN Sec Gen candidate hearings kick off  it is for the first time we see such public hearing with the candidates. How (un)important is it in your opinion? Could public hearings have a profound impact on selection? Read few comments.

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Edward Lucas about upcoming Globsec

Why do you think Globsec in its 11th edition is still  important and what should be its focus?

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