Macron has a tough road ahead

French President Emmanuel Macron is in the office almost for one year. How do you assess Macron’s ability to reform the EU? Macron showed some concerns for the EU future as he just said in Strasbourg that in these difficult times, the European democracy is our best chance and that we see authoritarians all around us, and the answer is not authoritarian democracy. Read few comments.

French President Emmanuel Macron. Credit:

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What is the role of women of North Korea’s regime?

Kim Jong-un has sent his sister Kim Yo-jong to SK during Olympics, now his wife Ri Sol-ju has a title First Lady. The brutal regime had/has usually a face of men from Kim’s family. Do you think that making women more visible is beneficial for North Korea for propaganda purposes or a higher profile of women is maybe just a coincidence? Read few comments.

Kim Yo-jong shakes hands with President Moon Jae-in after delivering a signed letter from her brother, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Credit:

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Cuba: Change is inevitable

Does it really matter that Raul Castro will step aside as Cuban president? Is it somehow politically important or more or less it only resonates symbolically as the end of Castros era? Read few comments.
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Barbara Bush was an American original

Barbara Bush just passed away, how would you assess her influence over Bush political dynasty and maybe also over American society and politics? Read few comments.

RIP Barbara Bush (1925-2018). Credit:

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Will Western strikes affect Syrian war?

Do you think that strikes in Syria might have some effect to prevent future use of chemical weapons by the regime, do you see any other effects strikes may have? Read few comments.
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Is it a symbiosis for the EPP and Orban’s Fidesz?

While not everybody from the EPP is in Hungarian PM Viktor Orban’s camp the leadership of the EPP rarely criticizes Orban. Will Orban stay largely untouchable, is this more about how skillful he is or perhaps the EPP does not care much, or is it basically both? Read few comments.

EPP President Joseph Daul tweeted support for Hungarian PM Viktor Orban. Credit:

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How safe is Orban?

How safe is the position of Fidesz and PM Viktor Orbán basically one week before the elections, what is Orban’s biggest concern at this stage, and why? Read few comments.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán. Credit:Árpád Kurucz

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