Hillary Clinton: More money, more problems?

The Washington Post suggests that as Clintons Foundation has raised close to $2 billion it meas also questions for Hillary’s potential presidential bid. Questions about foreign donors, questions about her closeness to Wall Street. Could those questions be important for her campaign or maybe not so much, and why? Read few comments.

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Could Britain emulate Norway-EU relations?

Read few comments.

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EU and Britons: In and out of love?

A YouGov poll just showed 43% of Britons would vote to stay in the EU, while 37% would vote to leave. It seems it is not a bad number for the support of the EU if we take into account virtually perpetual debate about Brexit, referendum and the rise of UKIP. On the continent we pay a lot of attention to what British politician are saying regarding the EU. But my question is what in fact ordinary Britons expect from the EU in your opinion, what would you say is the biggest incentive for them for saying yes to the EU?

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Irregular quote of the day

Mark Leonard, co-founder and director of the European Council on Foreign Relations for The Daily Beast in “The Euro’s Long Goodbye to Greece.”

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If a new deal for Greece, how will the others react?

You might see it differently, but seems to me, one of the challenges of securing any compromise with Greece is the fact that there are countries like Ireland, Portugal, Spain… that were in the similar situation as Greece and maybe they are not very happy seeing a new deal for Greece. E. g. Ireland says they will insist on similar deal if any secured by Greece. Read few comments.

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Simicska vs Orban: A political war in Hungary?

Media magnate and former treasurer of Fidesz  Lajos Simicska vows to fight PM Viktor Orban’s rules.

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On measles outbreak and the anti-vaccination movement

CDC said that the measles outbreak has now infected more than 100 people across 14 states and as it is happening it seems that we can partly blame the anti-vaccination movement. May I ask what is your view on this, how strong do you find the anti-vaccination movement and could the answer on the current situation be a mandatory vaccination? Read few comments.

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