Italy’s Five Star Movement and League government: How might the EU react?

It seems that Italy might have Five Star-Lega government at the end and no doubt many in Europe will be worried about this populist-far right prospect. If such government really happens do you think that the basic approach of the EU and member states will be acceptation of the situation and collaboration with Five Star and Lega or do you expect also some real tensions? Read few comments.

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Italy elections: Pure populism?

Steve Bannon said that Italy’s election it is pure populism. Is it pure populism and do you think the EU and EU members can draw some lesson from Italy? Read few comments.

Leader of Five Star Movement Luigi Di Maio. Credit: Luigi Di Maio Facebook

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Marine Le Pen and the state of European far-right

There is somehow mixed record of populist far-right parties in the current elections in Europe. Austrian Freedom Party candidate lost presidential elections. Dutch Geert Wilders was hardly satisfied with his result, German AfD, though election will take place only in autumn, is losing in the polls. On the other hand French Marine Le Pen is polling on 40 percent which is quite impressive though she is probably going to lose to Emmanuel Macron. European populist far-right is hardly homogeneous but what next for those movements, do you think we might see some changes in their messages, tactics, direction or they will largely stick to the anti-establishment message? Read few comments.

Marine Le Pen. Credit:

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The European centre-left faces several challenges

In various European countries more traditional left wing parties (British Labour, French Socialists, German SPD) lack in the polls. This, of course, didn’t happen overnight. So what is your view, does European centre-left have a problem? A what do you you think centre-left should/could do win voters back in the time of populism nd and rising radicalism? Read few comments.

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What is anti-establishment according to Donald Trump?

People from Goldman Sachs, billionaires, top donors, Secretary of State from Exxon. It seems this is how the huge part of Trump’s administration will be established. What does it tell us about how Trump wanna run the country after heavily using anti-establishment message in the campaign? Read few comments.

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What can other politicians learn from Austria’s Van der Bellen when facing populists, extremists?

What are the main reasons for Alexander Van der Bellen victory and would you say there something from his campaign what is possible to replicate in other political campaigns when facing populist, extremists opponents?

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How does Austria’s Hofer fit into current populist wave?

As the results of the second round of Austrian presidential election in May were annulled, re-vote between leftist Alexander Van der Bellen and far-right populist Norbert Hofer is due to take place on 4 December 2016.

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