Brexit and Russia: How bad was/is it?

Researchers find that accounts run from Russia tried to sow discord between Britons over the referendum, at least 419 of those accounts tweeted about Brexit a total of 3,468 times – mostly after the referendum had taken place. The number might look small so how would you judge the operation like this in a broader context of Russia’s disinfo efforts? Read few comments.

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Is ISIS losing ground in the propaganda realm?

As it seems that ISIS has lost several of its leading propaganda experts and the group is also losing territory what kind of impact it may have on the ability of ISIS to spread its message and attract new recruits? Read few comments. Continue reading

Dutch election and Russia’s influence: What is going on?

How big is the topic of possible Russian influence in the campaign before the Dutch election, any indications that there are some attempts from foreign actors to influence the elections? Read few comments.

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Trump’s ban as a propaganda tool for ISIS, al-Qaeda, other jihadis?

Do you think that President Donald Trump executive order regarding banning citizens of 7 predominately Muslim countries and refugees from entering the US might be a good propagandistic tool for ISIS, al-Qaeda and other jihadi groups or not, why? Read few comments.

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Putin understands absolutely how the West can be undermined

There is lot of discussions about if and how Russia tried to meddle into the US presidential election. Generally speaking what would be your assessment? Is Russia willing and capable to do this and also to try to influence the elections elsewhere (Germany, France…)? Read few comments.

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Jail term for 14-year-old on terrorism charges. How does ISIS propaganda work on young people?

A 14-year-old Austrian schoolboy was convicted of planning to bomb a Vienna train station. In general, how successful is the jihadi propaganda towards very young people and is the jail term for 14-year old a good way how to counter it? Read few comments.

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