Mueller’s statement: Will the needle move on impeachment?

Do you think that after Robert Mueller’s statement will voices asking for starting a process of impeachment of President Donald Trump increase in the Democratic Party but party leadership will still resist this? (Probably no reason to expect any movement on this within the GOP as only Justin Amash is asking for an impeachment). Read few comments.

Ex-FBI Director and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Credit:

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Mueller report and Trump’s reelection

Yesterday was probably the best day of Trump’s Presidency.  While there is a bit of ambiguity on the question of obstruction of justice, the Mueller report concluded that Trump’s did not conspire or coordinate with Russia. I know it is probably too soon to say what does it mean politically for Trump, but if we speculate a bit does it increase his chances of being reelected, and how do you think Democrats will react? Read few comments.

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Mueller’s investigation and Trump’s distraction

Amid first charges in Robert Mueller’s investigation President Donald Trump and his allies are clearly focusing on Hillary Clinton and her alleged misdeeds. How do you read this behavior and how important do you find that we might move into the indictment phase of Mueller’s investigation? Read few comments.

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