Risky: PM Papandreou said a referendum on EU aid package will be held in Greece

Reuters: Nearly 60 percent of Greeks view the EU summit agreement on the new bailout package as negative or probably negative.

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Is Greece on the verge of a revolutionary situation?

How will the public in Greece react if the protests will be hijacked by the radical groups and if the acts of terrorism will rise?

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Nick Clegg won the first TV election debate

At least according to polls. Will he capitalize on this?

ITV: Nick Clegg 43%, David Cameron 26%, Gordon Brown 20%

YouGov/The Sun: Clegg 51%, Cameron 29%, Brown 19%

Channel Four: Clegg 58%, Brown 28%, Cameron 13%

Sky News: Clegg 37%, Brown 32%, Cameron 31%

TV election debate in UK: A blessing for Nick Clegg?

The leader of the Liberal Democrats is surely pretty happy before the debate tonight on ITV. And what about David Cameron and Gordon Brown.

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Boris Johnson: A colorful Mayor of London

Does he have any future in Conservative Party? Boris Johnson assumed the office a month ago, on 4 May 2008.

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