Sunni-Shia conflict: What does it mean for the Middle East?

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Female ambassadors to Saudi Arabia? But will it change something?

Shirin Ebadi said that the European countries should send woman ambassadors to countries like Saudi Arabia or Iran. What do you think about this idea? Would this be worth to try? Would it be helpful for women’s rights in these countries or perhaps the impact will be very limited, and why? Read few comments.

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A new era? Saudi woman makes Olympic history

Hopefully this is the beginning of a new era, said Wojdan Shahrkhani. She became the first Saudi Arabian woman to compete at the Olympic Games. This is probably not the new era, but it is significant. The short interview on Saudi women participation at the London Olympics with Raghida Dergham follows. She is Columnist and Senior Diplomatic Correspondent for the London-based Al Hayat. Arabian Business ranked her as number 42 on the list of 100 Most Powerful Arab Women in 2011.

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Saudi blogger likely faces a severe punishment for tweets about the Prophet Mohammed

Hazma Kashgari even faces a possible death sentence.

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Will the right to vote for women in Saudi Arabia pave the way for more reform?

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah announced women would be given the right to vote and stand in elections.

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Manal al-Sharif was arrested after her two drives

What does it mean?

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