7/7 anniversary: How big is the threat of terrorism?

We hear warnings such that Britain faces the biggest threat from terrorism in a decade. Do you agree with this assessment, is the biggest problem right now the rise of ISIS or you see also some other factors? Read few comments.

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Terrorism and ISIS: What’s next after triple attacks?

With attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France it is hard to say the actual extent of IS` control over these operations, but it seems that ISIS` calls for more attacks during Ramadan are quite inspirational. Do you expect more attacks and how to counter it in your opinion? Read few comments.

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10,000 ISIS fighters were (probably) killed. Does it count?

The U.S.-led coalition against ISIS has recorded more than 10,000 ISIS deaths, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken claims. It is hard to independently verify this number, but in general what do you think about this statement and how would you evaluate the campaign against ISIS so far? Read few comments.

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ISIS and nukes. Could it be serious?

It is first of all propaganda, but ISIS is rhetorically flirting with nuclear weapons. Does it mean anything?

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NSA won’t go “dark”

Read few comments.

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Jail term for 14-year-old on terrorism charges. How does ISIS propaganda work on young people?

A 14-year-old Austrian schoolboy was convicted of planning to bomb a Vienna train station. In general, how successful is the jihadi propaganda towards very young people and is the jail term for 14-year old a good way how to counter it? Read few comments.

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Turkey-NATO relations amid ISIS crisis and Ukraine crisis

Meeting of NATO foreign ministers is taking place in Antalya, Turkey.

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