America said Russia about its special forces in Syria. Is it safe?

The United States has told Russia broad areas in which U.S. special forces are operating in Syria and asked them not to strike there. How usual or unusual do you find this move. are Russians to be trusted not to strike, not to share this info with other players in the Syrian conflict? Read few comments.

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Refugee crisis: What can NATO do and may solve

NATO’s Standing Maritime Group 2 is currently deployed in the region and will be tasked to conduct reconnaissance, monitoring and surveillance of illegal crossings in the Aegean. It will also establish a direct link with the European Union’s border management agency, Frontex.  In general, do you think that NATO should/will play a bigger role in efforts of solving the refugee crisis or not and why? Read few comments.

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Migrant crisis and far-right: Tensions and violence rising

We have seen this case when hundreds of masked men marching and reportedly beat migrants in Stockholm. Is it possible the we are moving towards a new phase when extremists will plan quite massive attacks on migrants, and even if not, it seems that the risk of further radicalization of some right-wing groups and perhaps also some cooperation among them is amid migrant crisis quite high, isn’t it? Read few comments.

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Will hostages be less important for terrorists but also for security forces?

E. g. Met Police will increase its armed presence and there is an another development as French Colonel Hubert Bonneau, head of the elite GIGN police, said there is a new type of terrorist threat meant there are no classic hostage situations such as in the past and hostages are just a buffer to slow the progress of security forces. So basically are we moving towards a new phase when we will see more armed security personnel on the streets ready to act quickly due the fact that hostages will be not so important? Read few comments.

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US-Iran relations: Where are we heading?

It is hardly a coincidence that Iran-US prisoner swap was announced by Tehran on the Implementation Day of JCPOA. In light of this how do you read the US-Iran relations, what both sides are hoping to gain? Read few comments.

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Attacks in Ouagadougou: What is (probably) AQIM doing in Burkina Faso?

It’s still unconfirmed but it seems that AQIM or related groups could be responsible for attacks in Burkina Faso capital Ouagadougou. E. g. there is a French military presence in Burkina, but from your point of view why would AQIM ar other jihadi group be interested in carrying out such attack? Read few comments.

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How Cologne affects German, EU policy toward refugee crisis

Would you say that Cologne attacks and the debate related to them may have/should have some profound effect and which effect on Germany, EU’s approach toward refugee crisis? Read few comments.

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