The Netherlands EU Presidency has to use all the pragmatic, problem-solving skills

The Netherlands will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from 1 January to 30 June 2016.

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Can Slovakia learn something from Romania’s anti-corruption efforts?

Slovak officials are interested in knowing more about Romania’s anti-corruption approach. In general, what do you think about what is going in Romania on the field of fighting corruption, do you think that some transfer of Romanian anti-corruption know-how would be helpful also for other countries? Read few comments.

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Finding allies? PM Cameron just visited Slovakia

PM David Cameron is trying to find allies which will support his reform proposals re EU. Cameron met Slovak PM Robert Fico and he had delivered speech at Globsec conference. In your opinion, what kind of support, if any, he may expect from Central and Eastern European countries? Read few comments.

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Britain in the EU and its allies

British FM Philip Hammond visits Slovakia today. Could you please shortly evaluate the position of the UK in the EU? Does Britain have at this moment some natural allies in the EU especially in terms of PM David Cameron’s efforts to reform the EU? Read few comments.

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Juncker’s EC: Energy union for Slovakia’s Maros Sefcovic. What should be his priority?

Read few comments.

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Slovakia is witnessing 50 percent drop in Russian gas deliveries. What to do?

What would be your explanation and what can Slovakia do, maybe to rise the issue more vocally also on the EU level? Read few comments.

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Should the EU postpone new Russian sanctions due to ceasefire?

Slovak PM Robert Fico said that the new round of the EU sanctions against Russia  should be postponed due to ceasefire. Would you say it would be a right step in the situation we have or not, and why? Read few comments.

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