Can social media increase some crime trends?

You may have heard about the recent case how Thai man kills baby on Facebook Live, see e. g.  and also about other similar case. Without going into some big theories, do you think such case might have some impact on the thinking of the others who may plan something similar or this is probably an insignificant factor, and why? Read few comments. Continue reading

Donald Trump and his “precious” Twitter

POETUS Donald Trump is extremely Twitter savvy not shying away from commenting basically on anything from North Korea to The Apprentice ratings. Do you expect that he will use Twitter the same way also after becoming POTUS and what pros and cons it may have for him? Read few comments.

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Virginia shooting: Life and death on social media

On August 26, news reporter Alison Parker and photojournalist Adam Ward of WDBJ were killed on live air by Vester Lee Flanagan.

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