How much does the Supreme Court decision mirror US public opinion regarding same-sex marriage?

Maybe with the different judges of the Supreme Court also the verdict would be different, and it is the verdict of the court, so based on the legal arguments, but still, how much the decision of the Supreme Court reflects also the changes of attitudes of the US public towards homosexuals? Read few comments.

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Immigration: Deterrence or blocking strategies are generally useless despite populists’ illusions

An interview with Lorenzo NannettiInternational Affairs Analyst.

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Ireland: Same-sex marriage referendum is successful, but opponents will not disappear

The result is pretty clear for the Yes camp (62.07% : 37.93%), but what do you expect from the opponents in the future, e. g. Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin just said that the reality check needed for Church to connect with youth? Read few comments.

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What does a same-sex marriage referendum mean for Ireland?

Voters in Ireland will go to the polls on May, 22 to decide whether to extend marriage rights to gay couples.

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Merkel in Moscow: What does the legacy of WWII mean for Germany?

Read few comments.

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Nepal earthquake: Are we listening to science?

Nepal’s earthquake was not unexpected from the scientific point of view. So what to do about it in your opinion, how to attract attention to what scientists are saying, maybe also to avoid future tragedies? Read few comments.

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Cyberspace: Privacy is under threat. But do we know what we want?

In your opinion, in the current info age how thick or thin is the line between probably the justifiable collection of some data by governments and the disproportionate mass surveillance? Read few comments.

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