Child sexual abuse covered up by Scotland Yard? What it means for British politics?

Police watchdog is investigating claims Metropolitan police covered up child abuse. How do you perceive this scandal, would you say it may have any impact on UK politics especially as we are approaching the elections time?

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American Sniper also in Slovak cinemas now

Of course, we saw a heated debate in the US about the movie. In your opinion, what does the movie and this debate represent for America?  Read few comments.

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What’s next for HSBC scandal and media after Peter Oborne’s resignation

Peter Oborne, the Daily Telegraph’s chief political commentator, has resigned from the paper over its coverage of HSBC. He has used very harsh words towards the Daily Telegraph. So how do you see his resignation, could it have some bigger impact on British media, and maybe on HSBC scandal? Read few comments.

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On measles outbreak and the anti-vaccination movement

CDC said that the measles outbreak has now infected more than 100 people across 14 states and as it is happening it seems that we can partly blame the anti-vaccination movement. May I ask what is your view on this, how strong do you find the anti-vaccination movement and could the answer on the current situation be a mandatory vaccination? Read few comments.

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France after the attacks: Unity, divisions, something in between?

Four million people in the streets and 42 percent of French saying they oppose the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.  These are basically just numbers, but if you look at France after the Paris attacks what you see: unity, divisions, something in between? And how much it it important for the future of the country? Read few comments.

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Supreme Court could say yes to same-sex marriages. How will it change America?

U.S. Supreme Court will decide on homosexual marriages.

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The rapid grown of anti-Muslim prejudice is alarming, as is the resurgence of anti-Semitism

There is no doubt that the attack on Charlie Hebdo will trigger and triggers more debate about the immigration and Islam, but we have also seen attacks om Jewish targets in Europe in the recent past. How big do you think is the danger of on one hand a growing islamophobia and on the other hang a growing antisemitism in Europe? So basically how big is the danger Europe will become increasingly intolerant, and if this danger exists how to counter it? Read few comments.

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