Bannon vs Kushner? And is it important for Trump’s White House?

According to media reports the White House is witnessing some Steve Bannon vs Jared Kushner conflict and it seems Kushner gains the upper hand. In your opinion to what extent the dynamics in the White House and administration affects President Donald Trump’s decisions? Of course he was hardly a candidate with coherent views but it seems that these days he really somehow flip-flops on many issues – China, Russia, NATO, Syria, even Janet Yellen. Read few comments from experts.

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Steve Bannon in the White House: What does it mean for the white nationalist, alt-right scene

Stephen Bannon of Breitbart was just appointed as the chief strategist of President Donald Trump. In general what do you think about this appointment and what kind of effect it might have on white nationalist, alt-right scene in the US? Read few comments.

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