David Cameron is a new British Prime Minister

But is he satisfied? And what about the Conservatives/Liberal Democrats coalition? Will it last? The Labour PM Gordon Brown has resigned after almost three years in the office.

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Are nuclear weapons in Europe obsolete?

Perhaps… But it seems U.S. nuclear weapons will stay in Europe for now according to media reports. Some European NATO allies are in favor of their withdrawal.

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Hurt Locker vanquishes Avatar: patriotism triumphs over anti-Americanism at the Oscars

By Nile Gardiner, Director of The Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom

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Charlie Wilson R.I.P.

The hero of the Cold War and former Congressman dies at 76. His life story is known also  from the movie Charlie’s Wilson War starring Tom Hanks as Charlie Wilson.

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David Cameron is a puzzle

If he becomes Prime Minister, he will not have the luxury of vagueness. Cameron launched first part of his election manifesto.

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Is another Korean War looming on the horizon?

Is it possible to stop the “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-il?

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Obama will be tested if he wins

Joe Biden said. And he was right.

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